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Mountain biking tour in Bhutan

Mountain biking tour in Bhutan is rapidly gaining popularity amongst the inhabitants as well as tourists. This comes in the wake of various Bhutan cycling tours and bhutan motorcycle tour being organised in the country. Cycling is also gaining prominent momentum in normal life owing to the various mountain biking tour competitions in focus. Cycling tour in local Bhutanese is also seen rising with frequent group cycling from Thimphu to Paro.

Mountain biking tour, cycling and cycling tours are also a focus point of the government policy in keeping up with green environment and healthy living. A foremost location of Bhutan motorcycle tour can be seen in the capital itself. In spite of small areas, a cycle trail runs around the entire city for avid mountain biking tour and Bhutan cycling tours.

Bhutan cycling tours not only provide for amateur cyclists, but also for those who seek rigorous cycling tour or mountain biking tour and races.”Tour of the Dragon” is the toughest one day mountain biking tour race. As a matter of fact, this cycling tour is one of the toughest in the world. This traverses 268 km ranging four highland passes and various altitudes.

Bhutan Cycling tours

Comparatively Bhutan cycling tours over the terrains of Bhutan are bit harsher. Furthermore the cycling tours in this climate may hinder your ride, but this challenge is motivating cyclists to push further. In addition, the green surroundings and fresh sweet air makes the Bhutan motorcycle tour and Bhutan cycling tours a challenge to embark on. Correspondingly Bhutan motorcycle tour takes you to the newly used trails in mud at various places, enjoying both cardio and scenery. Bhutan cycling tours has uniquely set apart cycling tours as a special tourist attraction with closeness to nature. Mountain biking tour has seen rapid growth in the world over and its spread in Bhutan is seen as a positive impact of tourism.

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